Did you know that it’s possible to use Bitcoin to trade Apple shares?  Apple is about to release a new iPhone and that means that there is bound to be volatility.  And volatility means there is potential to profit.  So while you could just leave your Bitcoin sitting around, if you’re a trader and think there are plays to be made trading Apple, why not use your capital assets to grow more wealth!?

Trading Apple on Whaleclub

Whaleclub is a Forex and CFD broker that deals exclusively in Digital Currency, i.e Bitcoin and Dash.  In fact they don’t allow you to deposit or withdraw in anything other than these currencies.  Because there is no fiat currency, trading is fast and fluid.

They offer a few stocks to trade on the platform, one of which is of course Apple.  There are fees that you have to be aware of, so it’s best used as a platform for day trading as opposed to buy and holding for months to come.

Trading Apple on 1Broker

1Broker is another broker that accepts Bitcoin.  I don’t find the interface to be as good as Whaleclub’s but they do have one good advantage – Copy trading.  This allows you to automatically copy the trades of successful and profitable traders.  So if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to trading, then I suggest you leave it to the experts and just copy someone who trades Apple.