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Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

Buying bitcoin directly using PayPal is against PP’s terms of service.  But it is possible to trade Bitcoin using PayPal through the use of CFDs.

Read on to find out more about trading Bitcoin with PayPal and how to get started.

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Trading Apple shares using Bitcoin

Did you know that it’s possible to use Bitcoin to trade Apple shares?  Apple is about to release a new iPhone and that means that there is bound to be volatility.  And volatility means there is potential to profit.  So while you could just leave your Bitcoin sitting around, if you’re a trader and think there are plays to be made trading Apple, why not use your capital assets to grow more wealth!? Continue reading

The advantages of trading Bitcoin CFDs

For the past year, I’ve been trading bitcoin via CFDs and also through exchanges.  While both are potential ways to make money, I feel that trading CFDs offer some advantages over trading bitcoin directly at an exchange.

Here are some of the reasons I love trading Bitcoin CFDs.  But first up let me explain what a CFD is:

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Whaleclub Review: Trade forex and stocks with Bitcoin

Whaleclub is a newer trading platform that only accepts digital currency.   There are lots and lots of forex and stock brokers online, but only a couple that accept cryptocurrecy.  And Whaleclub is one of them.

Whaleclub doesn’t deal in any fiat currency, and in doing so, things feel much more fast and fluid – like a true trading platform for 2017 and beyond.

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