Bitcoin CFD Trading Guide

Bitcoin CFD Guide – Use BTC to trade Stocks, FX, Oil, Gold, and Indexes. No KYC/AML Deposit bitcoin and trade global financial markets to earn more bitcoin. You can withdraw your profits in bitcoin instantly without waiting for settlement. Brokers with years of experience offering tight spreads with no documentation needed. You can access leverage up to 200x to get the most out of your capital. Don't sit on your hands while the world markets are moving -- get involved with bitcoin-based CFD trading today.

Getting started with bitcoin-based CFD sites

This site has been created to help educate users of bitcoin of how they can access global asset markets and trade with leverage to make profits on movements in Forex, Gold, Oil, and more on the 3 top Bitcoin CFD sites. SimpleFX, 1Broker, and WhaleClub.

Your start package for getting into this is split up into 3 main parts:

  1. Learning what CFDs are and how to trade them with bitcoin
  2. Learning how to use the platforms to make trades using bitcoin
  3. Learning how to research markets for trading opportunities.


Part 1: What and how to trade

Intro to CFD Trading with Bitcoin

What CFD markets can you trade using bitcoin?

How do Bitcoin CFD brokers make money?

How do Bitcoin CFD sites work in general?

Part 2: Where to trade

Review of SimpleFX

Review of 1Broker

Review of WhaleClub

Part 3: Finding trading opportunities

Technical Analysis (Coming soon)

Fundamental Analysis (Coming soon)

1Broker Review

1Broker Review  1Broker has been around longer than any other Bitcoin CFD site. They have years of experience now and have never had any customer issues that were not resolved easily. They will refund you if something goes wrong on their end but most people’s experience is completely smooth. The list of instruments they offer is... Read More »

WhaleClub Co Review

WhaleClub Co ReviewWhaleClub is a newer CFD site offering access to Commodities, FX, and Crypto. The current selection could be improved, but it is well on its way. The instruments you can currently trade on there, with limited leverage is: Crypto BTC/USD, ETH/BTC Forex EURUSD Commodities Gold, Oil Indices S&P 500 Stocks Apple, Facebook, Tesla   The... Read More »

SimpleFX Review

SimpleFX ReviewSimpleFX is the #1 Bitcoin CFD site. They offer you a webUI to make executions or the FREE popular third-party trading software MetaTrader which integrates well. They offer up to 500x leverage, depending on the margin requirements of each instrument. SimpleFX has the largest selection of assets to trade with bitcoin CFD sites. They offer... Read More »